Meet the choreographer

Andersson Dance has since the very beginning continually worked with spreading knowledge about the creative process. The project Meet the choreographer was shaped in 2008 and has since been shown on various occasions every year.  

Meet the choreographer aims to increase knowledge about the creative process in choreography by mixing dance in practice and discussion in a simple and sincere way in front of the audience. It provides a forum for a meeting between professional performers and the audience.

During the 60- minute run the company shows excerpts from various pieces and you will have the opportunity to ask questions. 
We present the session before or in conjunction with a regular performance and base it on our current repertoire.
The project has been shown on over 50 occasions. Oure requirements ares simple; an area suitable for dance approximately 10 x 10 meter in any location.
Please contact general manager Magnus Nordberg for more information and availability. 


Workshops in choreographic composition and tools for dance as well as repertoire classes are offered regularly for both professional dancers and performers as well as amateurs.

For more information contact Ina Sletsjoe through ina.sletsjoe@gmail.com 

Open Classes

Open morning classes are regularly given by the company during rehearsal- and performance periods. 
We welcome professional dancers and performers to join us. Please check back on this site for availability.