Arthall Project (2011)

ChoreographyÖrjan Andersson
DancersAsher Lev, Jenna Fakhoury, Shi Pratt
MusicBJ Nilsen
ProductionAndersson Dance, Nordberg Movement
PhotoIna Sletsjøe

In search for different contexts for the presentation of choreography Örjan Andersson and the dancers Asher Lev, Shi Pratt and Jenna Fakhoury created the Art Hall Project in 2011.

The Art Hall Projects focuses on contextualizing certain set movement material to new spaces, adding new dimensions and input to the already existing material. 
It is combined with open talks and discussions with the audience.

The project opened at Arkitekturmuseet in Stockholm and since been performed around Sweden and in Spain. 
Please contact Magnus Nordberg at for availability.