piano piano (2015)

For the first time, the three choreographers Örjan Andersson, Kenneth Kvarnström and Ina Christel Johannessen came together in a common project. And then things happened. They became each other’s challenges, and each other’s possibilities.

The result is greater than the sum of the parts. The performance “piano, piano” brings three dance companies together in a new common expression. The choice of music enhances the feeling. piano piano is performed not to, but together with Schubert’s piano works. The choreographers work with tension as opposed to the often romantic musical atmosphere. Drama and intensity are greeted with an invitation to take it gently, a little more … piano piano.

The piece was performed March 19th tp April 12th 2015 Information and tickets: http://kulturhusetstadsteatern.se/Dans/Evenemang/2015/Piano-Piano

Dancers: Pär Andersson/Sophie Augot/Pia Elton Hammer/Antero Hein/Paul Lee/Josef Palm/Daniel Whiley/Line Tørmoen
Musician: Asuka Nakamura
Costumes: Bente Rolandsdotter
Light design: Patrik Bogårdh

A co-production between : K. Kvarnström & Co/Andersson Dance/zero visibility corp.

In collaboration with Rum för Dans/Region Halland. Andersson Dance is supported by the Sweedish Arts Counsil, Stockholm City and The Swedish Arts Grant Committee. zero visibility corp. is supported by Arts Council Norway.