Pile it on (2009)

Upon invitation from Dansens Hus in Oslo for a co-production Örjan Andersson created the critically acclaimed “Pile it on” for the two dancers Asher Lev and Yoshifumi Inao in the spring of 2010.
The piece was also performed at Dansens Hus in Stockholm and at MADE festival in Umeå the same year. 

“when the physical interaction between them develops, it suddenly becomes clear that they are being transformed to mirror each other rather than opposites.” Anna Ångströ, SvD

ChoreographyÖrjan Andersson
DancersAsher Lev, Yoshifumi Inao
SetdesignÖrjan Andersson
CostumeNina Sandström
LightdesignTobias Hallgren
ProductionAndersson Dance, Loco Motion
Co- production Andersson Dance, Dansens Hus Norway, NorrlandsOperan
PhotoErik Berg