Co-production Andersson Dance and RESiDANS

“Karmer kring blå” was the last collaboration in a consecutive row of commissions by three contemporary choreographers creating works for performers rooted in folkdance and -music. Performed over 25 times since the opening 2013 to over 4.000 people the piece was garnered critical acclaim and audience appraisal alike for the intertwining choreographic dramaturgy between music and movement. The title, roughly translated into “frames framing blue”, was found by Örjan Andersson during the research for the piece from literature about folkdancing.

Choreography and concept Örjan Andersson
Music Hans Appelqvist
On stage Dancers: Andreas Berchtold, Linda Reinered, Magnus Samuelsson, Anton Schneider, Torill Steinjord
Musicians: Ellinor Fritz, Pers Nils Johansson
CostumesNina Sandström
Co-production Andersson Dance and RESiDANS
Made possible with support by The Swedish Arts Council, the City of Stockholm and the Arts Grants Committee