Residual bits of sunlight (2014)

Opened Oct 16 2014 at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Stockholm, Sweden

Dancers David Norsworthy, Jimmie Larsson, Paul Lee,
Moa Westerlund, Daniel Whiley

Choreography Örjan Andersson
Music Sam Salem
Light and setdesign SUTODA
Costume Nina Sandström
Dramaturg Bodil Persson

A scenic reflection on places, people and phenomena in a state of change. 

Work on Residual bits of sunlight began when choreographer Örjan Andersson and composer Sam Salem visited an abandoned and dilapidated industrial building in Dalarna, a modern ruin that can be seen as a symbol of disrepair but also as a ground zero for new creation. Using impressions, pictures and objects from this industrial ruin, a dance work is now being created using entirely new movement material, scenic space and soundscapes – Residual bits of sunlight. 

“Ruins speak to us as human beings,” says Örjan Andersson. “We are attracted by the desolation and the rebirth as nature reclaims the space people once shaped and have since abandoned. Ruins crumble away, grass grows through stone and asphalt. This process of transformation involves powerful forces that work upwards, downwards, outwards. If we listen carefully we can hear what the ruin is telling us. 

“In Hörsalen we have attempted to imagine what it might look like were a process of decay in the making. The objects from the industrial ruin in Dalarna take on a different meaning in a new context. They may even take on an entirely new appearance too. We have listened to and absorbed Hörsalen as if it were a ruin.” 

In parallel with the work on the choreography, British composer Sam Salem is creating new acousmatic music in the form of sound images and soundscapes. Much of the sound comes from the movements of the dancers or from the space itself and is registered via amplifiers and microphones.

“Sometimes the space plays music to us and sometimes we play to the space,” says Örjan Andersson.