Solo for Asher Lev (2010)

Solo for Asher Lev was created for and together with the dancer Asher Lev in 2010 and doubled with “Personal space for two dancers”. It has since been performed over 50 times as part of the Art Hall Project and as the opening of “Name of the next song” 2012.

“It’s short, very tight, devoutly beautiful solo of doom as the scene actually capturesmuch of the suggestive mystery of George de la Tour. And, adds body, the contrastbetween movement and stillness.

It is a great elegant solo for the connoisseur. There are even moments when I seem toexperience what T S Eliot called ”the light is still. At the still point of the turning world “.

Örjan Abrahamsson, Dagens Nyheter

ChoreographyÖrjan Andersson
MusicBJ Nilsen
DancerAsher Lev
Light designÖrjan Andersson
DramaturgMateusz Herczka
CostumeNina Sandström
ProductionAndersson Dance, Loco Motion
PhotoHåkan Larsson