Triptych (2008)

“Triptych” opened at and in co-production with NorrlandsOperan in Umeå in november 2007, finalizing 10 years of work of choreographic creations and was later performed at Dansens Hus in Stockholm.
to the music of Dimitrij Sjostakovitj. With an exceptional collection of international performers from Sweden, Denmark, Israel, Italy and South Africa,
the evening consisted of three independent pieces.  

“Andersson’s choreographies to Shostakovich’s quartets, embodied and ensouled by the dancers and the symphony srchestra’s string musicians on tour is at the root of a lush beautiful meeting, which starts in the cool blue-gray to work it’s way up in a heat that ends in purple, and is so full of pleasure which is rarely offered.”  Ann Tomic Enström,

ChoreographyÖrjan Andersson
MusicDimitrij Sjostakovitj
Set- and lightdesignJens Sethzman
CostumeNina Sandström
DancersSarah Bellugi Klima, Piotr Giro, Annika Hyvärinen, Edhem Jesenkovic, Asher Lev
Belinda Nusser, Shintaro O-ue, Eldad Ben Sasson, Philip Schmidt, Ina Sletsjoe, Sara Åhman 
ProductionAndersson Dance, Loco Motion
Co-production Andersson Dance and NorrlandsOperan 
PhotoMats Bäcker