Worms quintet (2004)

Worms kvintett had its origin in an ancient text about love, marriage, betrayal and power – Das Nibelungenlied. Dramatic stories, human conflict and rituals that are repeated in various forms in literature and theater history worldwide. Worms is the city where the events taking place in the form of 39 songs. The show plays with the number of songs. Narrative movements and movements are transmitted to choreography.

ChoreographyÖrjan Andersson in collaboration with
Mateusz Herczka, Staffan Eek, Katarina Eriksson, Dan Johansson, Ina Sletsjøe, Josef Tran
Set- and lightdesignJens Sethzman
OpeningJan 24th 2003 at Dansens Hus in Stockholm, Sweden