August 23, 2023


Even heroes stumble sometimes.

The boundary between dance and theater is blurred when choreographer Örjan Andersson builds a performance based on Homer's epic heroic poem about war, love and longing. Here, the human fall height is explored in a magnificent scenography. About wanting to find home. Being brilliant and amazing, but sometimes having to get lost and maybe make mistakes along the way.

- It is fascinating to work with and animate a classic story in this way. To create a Homeric, humorous and slightly bizarre fantasy world together with both actors and dancers, says choreographer and director Örjan Andersson.

In words and movement, the story of Odysseus is retold, who on his way home from the Trojan War has many adventures and mishaps. Who wanders the sea for ten years, encountering cyclops, sirens and sea monsters before finally reuniting with Penelope. Meanwhile the gods watch him.

Co-production between Backa Teater and Andersson Dance. Premiere in Gothenburg the 17th of February 2024.