March 13, 2024

Substrate Strategy Lab.

We’re excited to invite you to "Substrate Strategy Lab." -  a research lab in Stockholm during 29/4 – 3/5 OR 6/5 – 10/5. Are you a professional dancer? This workshop might be something for you !

Örjan Andersson and Eve Ganneau are jointly inviting you to a research laboratory in Stockholm. Sharing the desire to develop work in public space, they are basing the research around the form of a pack of cards that were developped during a series of residencies in different community gardens in the region of Marseille, France.

The pack of cards will be proposed to interpretation by the participants, navigating between play, game and scores for the public space. They are the medium for encounters and mediation between the participants and the space and they will mobilise the participants' bodies and imaginations.

Each day will start with a warm up in studio based on somatic practices and experiential anatomy. We will then examine the cards and their various combinations together. We will play each day with picking cards in different configurations and let ourselves be guided by our subjectivity and imagination triggered by the different instructions and clues to be found on the cards, using improvisation and writing of small texts. We will finally put the indications found on the cards into play, individually or in pairs in different outdoor spaces, ranging from urban to more natural spaces around Skeppsholmen.

Registration is done through and is free of charge. You participate either the first week OR the second week.

The Lab is made possible with support from Kulturrådet and Region Stockholm.

Eve Ganneau

After a rather nomadic life working for different companies and choreographers around Europe, amongst which Damien Jalet, Joan Cleville and Orjan Andersson, she discovers instant composition with Julyen Hamilton, Maya Caroll and Patricia Kuypers. She indulges in vocal explorations with Natacha Muslera and dives into the Tunning Scores of Lisa Nelson with Pascale Gille. In 2016, she embarks on a four-years somatic adventure to become Feldenkrais practitionner. And in 2021, after more than 15 years leaving abroad, she returns to France to follow a Master's Degree with Fai-Ar in Marseille « Artistic Creation in Public Space » where she enthusiastically embraces opportunities to meet and collaborate with other artists and researchers. Eve Ganneau is the artistic director of the company Les Grimpantes created in 2023. Her interest is now on developing "aesthetics of relationship": artistic and educational approaches that question the relationship with oneself, with others, with the community, both human and more than human.

Andersson Dance/ Örjan Andersson

Andersson Dance includes an alternating constellation of artists and was founded in 1996 in Stockholm by the choreographer Örjan Andersson. Since the beginning Örjan Andersson has created numerous works in various contexts, from the intimate to the larger format. An exploration of music has always been in focus, regardless if newly composed electronica, folk music or classical works. Andersson Dance continuously invites dancers, artists, composers, light designers, set designers, costume designers, video designers for cooperations in various formats. The project company tours both nationally and internationally.