October 19, 2022

Tour with Dancenet Sweden

On October the 4th we started our tour with 'Partita no. 2 - sei solo'. The tour was arranged by Dancenet Sweden and this time we visited Västerås, Uppsala, Kungsbacka and Falun. So much fun to get to do this piece again!

We also got the chance to meet the audience in our physical introductions as well as through our after talks.

Choreography: Örjan Andersson

Violinist: Jonathan Morton

Music: JS Bach, BJ Nilsen

Sound Design: BJ Nilsen

Scenography – and Light Design: Chrisander Brun

Costume design: Jenny Nordberg

Dancers: Laura Cornejo, Jim De Block, Takuya Fujisawa, Sofia Sangregorio and Sarah Stanley

Photographer: Mats Bäcker