Drottningens Juvelsmycke

Helsingborg Stadsteater


The director and choreographer Örjan Andersson transforms the style-forming novel Drottningens juvelsmycke, written as early as 1834 by Carl Jonas Love Almqvist, into a performance with colorful costumes, quick turns, music, deepest seriousness and a lot of humor. - What is dance is a real question of definition, but 'Drottningens juvelsmycke' is not a dance performance. On the other hand, it is full of musicality and movement, like a flow, and even as a director I always start from the body, says Örjan Andersson. The plot takes place at the end of the 18th century right on the outskirts of King Gustav III's court. Everything revolves around the androgynous 17-year-old Tintomara - who is usually described as the first queer person in Swedish literature. She is also said to be the illegitimate daughter of Gustav III. Everyone falls in love with Tintomara, but hon never responds to their feelings. In addition to attracting a whole bunch of admirers, she constantly gets into trouble and is accused of everything from theft to murder. In the ensemble we see a mix of both dancers and actors. - The actors in this play are interested in dance and they are very good. The same with the dancers, who are not used to working with text. Together they become a homogeneous group where everyone is both professional and amateur. Everyone learns from each other, says Örjan Andersson.

Direction and choreography
Örjan Andersson
Set and light design
Chrisander Brun
Costume design
Yvonne Ericsson
Franz Edvard Cederins
Magnus Lindman
Gustav Berg , Sasha Becker , Annika Kofoed , Emma Mehonic , Sophie Augot , Jernej Bizjak , Einar Bredefeldt , Karin Li Körsbärsdal , Javier Perez Perez
Video design
Emmalisa Pauly


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