A Dream Play

Folkteatern Göteborg


Welcome to a dream game. Time and space do not exist here. The imagination weaves new patterns. People split and double. And the only thing you can be really sure of that mankind is to be pitied. For in the midst of happiness grows a seed of unhappiness. Choreographer and director Örjan Andersson is finally back at Folkteatern and once again playfully explores the symbiosis between dancers and actors on stage. His innovative Hamlet in 2017 became a great audience and critic favorite, and this time Strindberg'sA Dream Play is the setting for the magic.

Director and choreographer
Örjan Andersson
Scenography and light concept
Chrisander Brun
Light design
Christoffer Lloyd
Costume design
Jenny Nordberg
Composer and sound design
Franz Edvard Cedrins
On stage
Jernej Bizjak, Takuya Fujisawa, Kevin Foo, Sanna Hultman, Anna Lundström, Javier Perez, Emilia Roosmann, Sofia Sangregorio, Jonas Sjöqvist och Sara Wikström
Make up and wig design
Suz Åberg
Mats Bäcker
"It's insanely beautiful, twisted and unlike anything I've seen before"
"... an electric performance that shows that you can turn and twist this play any way you like" "Örjan Andersson has together with an excellently coordinated ensemble ... found the existential nerve that makes the performance touching".
Borås Tidning
"The audience meets a contemporary surrealism where dance, theatre, sound and light work together on that wavelength that makes time stand still." "... Andersson has a vision and a forward movement that means that the whole, despite the high tempo, turns into meditative stage art. The context feels almost magnetic and the audience is held in suspense before the classic lines are delivered. Effective."



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