Orfeus & Eurydike

Unga på Operan


Love, longing, loss and sorrow. For thousands of years - ever since Orpheus tried to get his Eurydice back - we have been telling these stories to each other. Someone has made a mistake, which caused everything to end. Some others have fallen in love, while someone else is willing to do just about anything to get their loved one back. And no one else will ever love again, because it hurt so much last time. But that does not apply to Orpheus. When the one he loved died, he went underground and negotiated with the ruler of the realm of the dead, Hades. To his aid he had the music, which can even touch the one who works with death. But there is always a condition when negotiating with Gods… Orpheus & Eurydice is based on the myth of Orpheus who in despair of having lost his beloved descends into the underworld to get her back. The story opens up for questions about love and mourning. In Unga på Opera's set, the myth takes on an extra dimension thanks to young voices from the present. The internationally active choreographer Örjan Andersson creates a cross-genre all-art work of dance, acting and music. The production is a collaboration between the Royal Opera and the Royal Dramatic Theater.

Direction and choreography
Örjan Andersson
Set design and light
Chrisander Brun
Bente Rolandsdotter
Magnus Lindman
Jonas Redig
Jenny Nilson, Stacey Aung, Jernej Bizjak, Javier Perez, Kirsti Stubø, Nina Fex, Christoffer Svensson, Marcus Vögeli
Markus Gårder


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