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The young Werther is in love. The object of his overwhelming emotions is called Lotte. In his eyes, she is perfect. He can not live without her! Werther is flooded with stormy emotions - but honestly, he actually still thinks most of himself - even though he projects his misfortune and all his romantic fantasies on her. Werther is a dance theater performance based on Goethe's classic 'The Sorrows of Young Werther' from 1774. A successful book that caused a scandal at the time, with a main character who was excessively self-fixated, embarrassingly outspoken and questioned prevailing social rules.

Direction and choreography
Örjan Andersson
Set and light design
Costume design
Nina Sandström
Magnus Lindman
Hans Appelqvist
Peruk och mask
Anne Charlotte Reinhold
David Book, Paul Pui Wo Lee, Emma Mehonic, Thomas Holm Radil, Aleksandra Sende, Eric Stern


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