At dusk, a man finds a hat on a deserted country road. He becomes obsessed with finding the owner. But it is getting dark, both outside and in the man's inner world. In a state of hallucination, neurosis and dream, the man reflects on his condition and where he can find the owner of the hat. It should be in one of the ugly towns connected by the road . The hat is a virtuoso test of strength for an actor. Choreographer Örjan Andersson creates, together with actor Olof Yassin, a physical solo where words are given body. We are presented a both terrifying and grotesquely comical world that describes man's confinement in his own head. Austrian author Thomas Bernhard's manic short story depicts an absurd journey into the world of obsession. In the end, the narrator discovers that his whole life has begun to be dominated by this hat.

Örjan Andersson
On stage
Olof Yassin
Costume and setdesign
Julia Benon
Franz Edvard Cedrins
Magnus Lindman
Thomas Bernhard
Jim De Block


Mini documentary