Name of the next song

The work is based on choreographer Örjan Andersson's encounter with BJ Nilsen's music, which with its simplicity embraces nature as a universal theme and through costume and light, inspiration from baroque painting is incorporated into the choreography's divided tableaux. Name of the next song is a place for reflection and empathy. Like a pause where the spectator is drawn into consciousness and at the same time thrown into a universe of sound, movement and light. It touches and embraces. The choreographer Örjan Andersson has a personal and distinctive expression, his work is characterized by a strong musicality and a constant curiosity about the movement's possibilities. Name of the next song gives the individual dancer his own, obvious place. - "We live in a time of extreme speeds and we constantly get a multifaceted collection of impressions. In Name of the next song, I try to recreate the time we perceive it in real life. I let the movement get the time that movement exactly needs. Time thus becomes not artificial but real. This is also how I experience BJNilsen's music, says Örjan Andersson".

Örjan Andersson
Dan Johansson, Asher Lev, Shi Pratt, Paul Lee
Costume design
Nina Sandström
Lighting and set design
Udo Haberland
Mats Bäcker
Asher Lev


Mini documentary


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