Partita no.2 - sei solo

Partita is a piece created in a collaboration between the violinist Jonathan Morton from Scottish Ensemble and choreographer Örjan Andersson. Within Sebastian Bachs piece Partita for violin no.2 the piece examines this historical document from the early 18th century with the help of five dancers and Jonathan Morton on stage. The process of creating Partita focuses on the literature surrounding the original piece and the performance will present a diptych where the two entities music and text meet, these contrasts will become the base of the performance. The human constant ambition to try to explain music through the written word and the many written interpretations this has created will be the starting point for the second part of the piece. The historical literary material will be processed and morphed so that a new logic, meaning and non-meaning will be created.

Jonathan Morton
Jim De Block, Ashley Wright, Takuya Fujisawa, Johanna Wernmo and Emilia Fridholm 
JS Bach BJ Nilsen
Light design/scenography
Chrisander Brun
Costume design
Jenny Nordberg


Mini documentary


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