Partita no.2 - sei solo

Partita is a piece created in a collaboration with the violinist Jonathan Morton from Scottish Ensemble and choreographer Örjan Andersson. The work is a continuation of an ongoing collaboration between Andersson Dance and Scottish Ensemble and follows the works “Goldberg Variations - Ternary patterns for insomnia” (2015) and “Prelude - skydiving from a dream” (2019). For this new creation Örjan Andersson has brought together five outstanding dancers with the violin virtuoso Jonathan Morton in order to depict a multitude of different states on stage. Jonathan's interpretations of Bach's emblematic Partita no. 2 with it's distinctive form and structure meets BJ Nilsen's field recordings from Amsterdam during lockdown. A new poetic universe emerges where we are able to move at a breathtaking speed, from the intimate immediate present, to swooning heights. An auditory and perceptual journey from current to ancient times ….

Jonathan Morton
Jim De Block, Emilia Fridholm, Takuya Fujisawa, Johanna Wernmo and Ashley Wright.
JS Bach and BJ Nilsen
Light design /scenography
Chrisander Brun
Costume design
Jenny Nordberg
Chrisander Brun
Co-production Andersson Dance, Scottish Ensemble, NorrlandsOperan & Dansens Hus. Andersson Dance is funded by Kulturrådet/Swedish Arts Council, Stockholm Stad and Region Stockholm.
Beautiful when Bach's melancholy awakens the spirits of life
Örjan Anderson has a marvellous ability to adapt tones and rhythms to the body.
Margareta Sörensson
A dancing Bach so beautiful it hurts
Örjan Andersson's Bach interpretation - a sad and comforting incantation against loneliness
Choreographer Örjan Andersson thinks of dance as music; his ability to literally adapt notes and rhythms to the body is astonishing.
Margareta Sörensson


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