Prelude – skydiving from a dream

Fusing music and movement, musicians and dancers, Prelude – skydiving from a dream is the second collaboration between contemporary dance company Andersson Dance (Sweden) and pioneering string orchestra Scottish Ensemble (UK). Combining astute, inquisitive choreography with razor-sharp live musical performance, Prelude – skydiving from a dream takes three rich pieces of music that push at the boundaries and restrictions of artistic expression and creates something entirely new – a dark, pulsating playground of ideas teeming with the paradoxes grooved into the edges and corners of the human subconscious. Featuring preludes from Lutoslawski’s Preludes and Fugue for 13 Solo Strings and excerpts from J.S.Bach’s The Art of Fugue, the production builds to the climactic performance of Beethoven’s Grosse Fugue. Scottish Ensemble musicians are pushed to the limits of creative expression as performers as they are choreographed alongside three dancers, creating a palette of sight and sound that gleams with the grotesque and the glittering, the rational and the absurd.

Musical direction
Jonathan. Morton
Set and light design
Tobias Hallgren/ Örjan Andersson
Costume design
Bente Rolandsdotter
Costume assistent
Klara Landin Larsson
Sound design
Jonathan Green
Violin Jonathan Morton Violin 1 Cheryl Crockett,Daniel Pioro, Kate Suthers Violin 2 Clio Gould,Joanne Green, Laura Ghiro Viola Jane Atkins, Andrew Berridge, Asher Zaccardelli Cello Alison Lawrance,Naomi Pavri Double bass Diane Clark
Ida "Inxi" Holmlund, Hokuto Kodama, Clyde Emmanuel Archer
Andersson Dance, Scottish Ensemble & Nordberg Movement
Louise Mather
Made possible with support by the Swedish Arts Council, City of Stockholm and Region Stockholm.
a show that can’t put a foot, or note, wrong
Herald Scotland
”Great entertainment!”
The Courier
There are so many delicious moments in this remarkable new collaboration from Scottish Ensemble and Andersson Dance, you leave feeling as if you have gorged on the very stuff of life.
The Scotsman
Ljuvligt att se och höra
Vackert och mäktigt
Svenska Dagbladet
A monumental heroic triumph greeted with a solid wall of cheering from a packed and delighted audience. ”★★★★★”


Mini documentary


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