Promise land

He has never worked with a visual artist. She has never worked with dance. In Promise land, their worlds meet for the first time. Based on Helene Billgren’s work, choreographer Örjan Andersson creates a fragmentary, dreamy landscape inhabited by two women where bodily narratives with free inventions and absurdities take place. All in true surrealistic spirit. Örjan Andersson’s dance style is usually described as musical, physical and down to earth. Today he is one of our most prized choreographers with recurring assignments both in Sweden and abroad mainly for the larger stages. In the new work Promise land we meet his choreography in a closer, smaller format, for two dancers.

Scenography/ costume design
Helene Billgren
Helene Billgren
Anna Berg
Light design
Luka Curk
Sound design
Niklas Swanberg
Brittanie Brown, Jenny Nilson
Reherasal director
Javier Perez Perez
Andersson Dance & Riksteatern
Sören Vilks
"Som en försoning med insikten att vi helt enkelt existerar. Väldigt vackert."
Svenska Dagbladet
"Dansöserna balanserar genom Billgrens måleri"


Mini documentary


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