Quartet #8, Sonata in B

Light and setdesign
Jens Sethzman
Costume design
Johanna Eliasson
Eva Dewaele, Åsa Lundvik Gustafson, Ina Sletsjøe, Hugo Therkelson,
Mats Bäcker
"Quartet # 8 is a beautiful piece where the feeling of lingering energy creates flames in the black"
Svenska Dagbladet
"Örjan Andersson achieves an intelligent work about the essence of music and time with an interplay ensemble... He refines, dares to listen even to the pause and the space, and reveals the dynamics body as an instrument. He gives us and the dancers time - to hear"
Svenska Dagbladet
"A performance casted in one piece. Not an unnecessary moment at Dansens Hus"
"The richness and complexity of the two works show that it is perfectly possible to also say something significant about life without kilos of butter or ketchup excesses or other theatricalities"
"Örjan Andersson is the man of surprises; a choreographer who constantly renews himself but still maintains ground contact with a classic heritage"


Mini documentary


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