Residual bits of sunlight

Örjan Andersson created in collaboration with the British composer Sam Salem, SUTODA and costume designer Nina Sandström, a scenic reflection on places, people and changing events. The work with Residual bits of sunlight started when Örjan Andersson and Sam Salem visited an abandoned and dilapidated industrial building in Hälsingland, a modern ruin that can be seen as a symbol of decay, but also as a zero point for new creation. Based on impressions, images, objects from this industrial ruin, a dance work was created with completely new movement material, stage rooms and sound environments - Residual bits of sunlight. The title Residual bits of sunlight comes from the book Becoming Animal: An Earthly Cosmology by the American author and cultural philosopher David Abram. "Sleep is the shadow of the earth as it seeps into our skin and spreads throughout our limbs, dissolving our individual will into the thousand and one selves that compose it - cells, tissues, and organs taking their prime directives now from gravity and the wind - as residual bits of sunlight, caught in the long tangle of nerves, wander the drifting landscape of our earth-borne bodies like deer moving across the forested valleys. ”

David Norsworthy, Daniel Whiley,Moa Westerlund, Jimmy Larsson, Paul Pui Wo Lee
Sam Salem
Costume design
Nina Sandström
Lighting and set design
Bodil Persson
Sören Vilks
Made possible with support by the Swedish Arts Council and City of Stockholm 
"Rum, ljus, ljud, rörelse, objekt och kropp bildar en suggestiv helhet som ständigt skiftar."
Svenska Dagbladet
"I Residual bits of sunlight finns också hela tiden en lågintensiv närvaro även när dansarna är som mest stilla. Hur den sedan med hjälp av parallella skeenden och skilda koreografiska rörelser byggs upp till extremt intensiva ögonblick då allt samlas i ett intensivt här och nu är imponerande."


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