Solo for Asher Lev

With stirring intensity, dancer and long­time collaborator to Andersson Dance Asher Lev performs a 16 minute solo to music by BJNilsen. Crafted by Örjan Andersson specifically for Asher Lev the solo is a paraphrase on baroque painter Georges de La Tour, whose special realism united chiaroscuro with strict geometry.

Asher Lev
Costume design
Nina Sandström 
"It is an excellent elegant solo for connoisseurs. There are even moments when I think I experience what T S Eliot called "the light at the still point of the rotating world".
Dagens Nyheter
"Delicious. It is so well balanced and thoroughly composed that it seems to fit exactly for this particular dancer's body, balance, mind"
"So well composed, from large oscillations to almost completely stillness, that it takes the breath away from the viewer"
"So simple and at the same time so complex is the dance at the moment it becomes art, that is, it acquires an existential content. The solo has such a content, as elusive and tangible as the shadows of light and darkness of the dancer's skin"


Mini documentary


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