Within the Quota

Within the quota was Örjan Andersson's contribution to the 150th anniversary of Swedish emigration. He was proposed to recreate Jean Börlin's choreography of Within the quota, but Andersson was reluctant. What was preserved of sketches and other sources? Can a reconstruction be anything other than a blurred image far from its context. But the work did not want to let go and after many conciderations he decided to make his own version with newly written music. To spin on this nordic blonde and his memory and dreams of his former homeland. What the audience gets to experience is a walk in the gallery for Swedish dance history and a work that speaks directly to and about our own time - through 'Näcken' and 'Skogsrået', through 'Dalmasar' and choreography.

Set- and light design
Jens Sethzman
Costume design
Johanna Eliasson
Katarina Eriksson, Michelle Nicols, Ina Sletsjøe, Garp Garpendal, Conny Jansson, Maria Fabien, Peter Gardiner, Örjan Andersson
Cosimo, Georg Friedrich Händel, Oscar Lindberg, Cole Porter
Technical coordinator
Jonas Christiansson
Made possible with support by the Swedish Arts Council and The Migration Committee 96.
Kraftfullt, ljudligt, visuellt och överraskande
Västernorrlands Allehanda
It is clearly enjoyable performance, a good example of what can be achieved with skilful dancers, exciting choereography and a piece of our own history.
Trelleborgs Allehanda


Mini documentary


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