Pacing in vaudeville

Pacing in vaudeville revolves around chaos and order. The dancers furnish the stage with differently shaped bricks that are moved around during the performance. In the work, Örjan Andersson and the ensemble have started from opposites such as male / female, solo / group, asymmetry / symmetry. The choreography has a strict form and structure, but is still a dynamic flow of movements. The work was performed by five dancers and was created in close collaboration with lighting designer Jens Sethzman and costume designer Nina Sandström. The music in the new work, taken from the electronics genre, alternates between fine-tuned rhythms, silence and overflowing melody loops.

Lava Markusson, Thomas Holm Radil, Aleksandra Sende, Henrik Vikman, Moa Westerlund
Set- and light design
Jens Sethzman
Costume design
Nina Sandström
Mateusz Herczka
Kangding Ray, Alex Smoke, Pan Sonic
Rehearsal director
Ina Sletsjøe
Andersson Dance, Dans i Halland, Kungsbacka Teater and Kungsbacka kommun
Erik Berg
Made possible with support by the Swedish Arts Council, Region Halland, City of Stockholm and The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.
Örjan Anderssons 'Pacing in Vaudeville' är ett vackert och lekfullt klossbygge om rörlighetens möjlighet.


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